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Fortress: Moonhome Fleeting Frames

My favourite would be Purple and Burnt Orange Moon

...For these colors mix real well. The dug-out tile in the SW quarter is to my shame. This soil color isn't really replicable with natural walls, though the brown hatch covers come closest.

Oh, what's this z-level about?

Center hosts three smelters, ore and masterwork/non-masterwork stockpiles. The ramps hasten travel into forges while holding stockpiles.

The outer rooms on the western side hold the supplies for hospital. I favour multi-zlevel hospitals, with hatches and supplies above dangerous criminals and werebeasts. The northwest area lever is significant for the entire fortress trained swimming there together for a time - once military alerted inside, the door with no floor beneath is locked and lever pull drops safe amount of water in.

Afterwards, had to move it elsewhere, for they climbed out. Nonetheless, everyone but babies in the fort has some swimming skill.

I elected to leave some gems undug in cluster to the right, electing to smooth and decorate instead.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-08-02

The Gneiss Porcelain moon holds the teals and joy of children

On the west, 23 children of the fort play burrowed around a well with soap stockpile. Mirroring north and south, there are barracks for two military squads followed by 2 honeymoon 3x3s.

Perhaps most important room is in the northwest - the moderate-sized socialization room for the Eight Who Grandparent All. They go in, spend months at time in, and pop babies out later. The artifact black-cap risen helps play songs on the 5x5 dance floor.

On this z-level, the area for underground tree farm is clearly visible. Getting over 50 spore tree wood wasn't easy with flooded cavern.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-08-02

The Cyan-Purple Moon is the Central/Wood/F1 hotkey point

All this clear glass, all the soap, hundreds of floodgates, sharing a z-level with immediate wagon drop, holding levers for entrances...

It's no wonder this was the main z-level for me. it also holds all the blocks and logs, for building materials.

A continuing theme is malachite workshops. The working areas stand out perhaps the best like so, a tradition worth continuing.

Another continuing theme would be the five honeymoon bunkers for second generation. In particular, the westmost dorm holds the marriage suite for one of the third generation.

In the northwest, garish dark red breaks the color theme - the execution mechanism of dragon Ronux and hydra Racon uses artifact adamantine giant axe blade Iger Nefek, an impossibly sharp cutting implement with 100000 edge and penetration that never wears in 43.05. It is perhaps the ultimate weapon, though only an adventurer can wield it properly.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-08-02

The Purple-Green Moon handles what is Dead

I made some efficiency sacrifices in this fort's layout, with 5 workshops surrounding 6 staircases.

On this z-level, in counterclockwise order there are loom, butcher, tanner, leatherworker and clothier.

In the larger moon ring, the main element is sets of 10 beds with cabinet sparring area, controlled to be inside smallest box with doors placed only for the duration of room sizing - this fortress was built around the idea of everyone training in military. Truly, the dwarves became mighty. Perhaps the hardest skills to train were student and concentration, where I only have 1 legendary+1 at best, held by Duke Minkot Oslanoram. I know not who is the mightiest, but queen herself boasts level 29 armor user and 95 fighting, may she live long.

However, necessities be what they are, the north and south boxes were used for pairing people off instead. In both north and south, one can see one of the younger of third generation's playing. Their children won't ever know of a relation who was born in a time before time.

In the northeast, the hydra currently blinked out of sight - but they're chained and about to be executed. The area was formerly for animal training, and where dragon used to live.

In the southeast, there's bunch of empty coffins - Outpost liaison's corpse is only dwarf interred there. For some reason, the duke demanded a steel chest next to his artifact galena coffin.

Lot of artifact furniture and equipment in this fort - the military uses picks, and on this long timescale I found this to be quite the downside for most dwarven of weapons.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-08-02

The Royal Red Moon teems with Life

Ew, vomit. All the dark blue is vomit. I know it is usually green, but changing colours may make bue closer.

The ash-glazed porcelain statues and clear glass bookcases delineate the location zones. For library, this meant building floors to build tables and chairs, then deconstructing those floors.

All the artifact instruments are hosted in the tavern and temple to north and south, with wagon wooden and cobaltite statues. Sadly, being surrounded by ocean on multiple sides, I never got any invited visitors...Oh well.

On the west, there is the library, boasting 88 written objects. Most are imported or copies, granted, but most of the starting seven have written a book there. An adamantine coffer Sardal, and Draltha bone table Omernabar are hosted there.

And in the center, under the floors...Are the royal areas. The reigning queen is queen of the people, ruling alongside the rest of the original seven who hold noble positions and will be the ancestors of the entire dwarven race. Her artiact adamantine bed, native gold coffin, fungiwood table and gold animal trap are for everyone to see. As is the bone bed Inenud of outpost liaison. Altogether this z-level hosts 13 artifacts.

Unfortunately, her lover turned out to be a cheating coward who fled the fortress after it was retired.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-08-02

The Moon glows with gentle light, surrounded by clouds

When the old, soon to be dead king sent out an expedition out in southern island, it was to glorify Vutram, the deity of moon, death and suicide.

Vutram brought about one of the three goblin civilizations in this world.

After that, it's only natural that the fortress resembles an Underground Spire. Same thick walls, striking a profile through the soil.

On the grass pasture and orchard level, the set of farms is significant for being only used for a season. Herbalism stronk!

As you can see by the goblet in still, I use no goblet stockpiles.

On the outer edges, fortifications bracketed by cage traps surround the fortress. These were intended to be a defence against werebeasts and later capturing of animals. You can see the dead corpses of former challengers lying on the ground.

West of moon lies the almost-safe caravan entrance. Nether-cap, cobaltite and kaolinite clouds surround the moon.

South of moon lies the early dodge training setup; single-dwarf variant. Repeating spears may be dead, but some danger rooms still live.

Southeast of moon lie the initial kilns used for caravan good production. The original wagon area further southeast is delineated by the tower-cap walls - I thought I'd recover the logs, but never did.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-08-02

Fortress: Doortwinkles apparentbliss

Temporary Grazing

For now, the breeding pairs of llamas and yaks (got lucky on the wagon draw) just wander around by the gate. Eventually we'll fortify the hillside via ramp removal and some walls, or better yet, move the pasture somewhere safely out of the path of potential invasions.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2017-05-23

Food Production

A field for each of the standard six underground crops. The raws are modded to allow year-round cultivation of each (as that makes more sense to me), otherwise we'd probably double up the size on these.

Blue peafowl as well for eggs and meat.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2017-05-23

Meager Dining

Fine dining coming soon. The secondary center of the fort (aka the drinking bit). To be expanded and tavern-ized.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2017-05-23

Workshop Center

Being, after all, fond of (drink and) industry, we will make the industry the center of our fort. This space, to remain open and bustling, serves as well as a quasi-hallway, or at least a "great hall."

Metals in the northwest quadrant, organics to the northeast, wood and leftover organics to the southeast, and stone to the southwest. Quantum minecart stockpiles to focus those goods which can be focused.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2017-05-23

Fortress: Doortwinkles apparentbliss


Here we struck the soil - a grand vista.

Now, to get down off the heights and comfortably underground.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2017-05-23

Fortress: Ringrocks Salmeuk

Farm Plots

Made the old fashioned way via flooded lakewater.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2017-05-11


Soon to be. . .

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2017-05-11

Dining Room

Those are a bunch of gems on the floor. I created a number of stockpiles here to pull gems from the farms so they wouldn't wash down the grate, but ended up with a lot more than I planned. So I guess my dwarves are so rich they kick around gems while they eat?

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2017-05-11


Not Quite enough for everyone, but I can fix that.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2017-05-11

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