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Movie: Heavenseal siege defence - part 2 okiN

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Submitted by: okiN - 2008-08-11

Well, I had the ballistae done by year eight or so, but it was only in year four or five that I started training my engineer up from proficient, so technically that's three or four years. First I made some catapults for the operators to train on, then had him knock out a couple hundred ballista arrows. When he reached master, I set him to work on ballista parts until I had the twelve good ones, then dumped the rest and put him back on arrows until he was legendary. Once the stocks start thinning a bit I'll make another set.

Movie: Heavenseal siege defence okiN

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Submitted by: okiN - 2008-08-10

Patented okiN brand siege defence system Mk II!

Movie: Nuclear Catsplosion Lightning4

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Submitted by: Smoking Gnu - 2008-06-01

how do you change body temperature?

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