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Movie: dwarven blender pdonghole

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Submitted by: Caedes - 2017-09-12

When and where can I get one?!?!

Movie: Labyrinthine Entrance HMetal

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Submitted by: HMetal - 2016-10-27

Was using Phoebus, so it doesn't work. Sorry.

Movie: CAT Curiosity

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-08-10

This is fucking ridiculous and amazing and a historical artifact. nice.

Movie: First Siege: A Slaughter by any Words Salmeuk

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-08-05

Watch at rate 500 for efficiency.

Movie: That's what this lever does. Japa

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Submitted by: Taupe - 2015-10-07

''A masterwork of ''Taupe'' has been lost.

Well that's an understatement right there, final image.

Movie: Stosbūb Azstrogogusp Busmas Salmeuk

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Submitted by: Taupe - 2015-07-03

Just another day in Icehold...

Movie: Werecamel Ben Lubar

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2014-12-30

The carnage! The gore!

And then the human runs away!

Movie: Guards Patrolling Lexyvil

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Submitted by: MkWailord - 2014-12-27

I recommend to just 1 guard, and the others in the barracks training, in my schedule i put, 2 months training and defend the burrow, or route (9 training and 1 in burrow), and the next month just 1 defending the burrow and the others doing nothing, just sleep in barracks for a fast answer if a atack come

Movie: too many dwarves abt

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Submitted by: ancistrus - 2014-11-06

I dont get it

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Submitted by: grisha5 - 2014-09-28


Movie: OMG Fast Memory !!1! Larix

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Submitted by: Larix - 2014-08-08

It takes a temporary input (here, the pulled lever opening a door) and "remembers" it - keeps an output (pressure plate) active indefinitely. The output remains active after the input has turned off.

A practical use would be an invader-activated pressure plate which turns the magma pump on or causes the big security drawbridge to raise - and keeps it pumping/raised until a separate "all clear" is sent to turn it back off. This thing here uses the pathing rules of high-speed minecarts for operation and can remember four signals at once, each with its own separate output.

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Submitted by: Wharf - 2014-08-03

I have never really understood these. What exactly does it do?

Movie: Gem windows pulsar ancistrus

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Submitted by: ancistrus - 2014-06-25

actually, 137 are just plain glass windows, because they never needed to change color

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Submitted by: Larix - 2014-06-25

It's beautiful. Now build a glider ;)

But seriously, 225 windows, each of which needed to be built with the components in the correct order, and which would've been difficult to revise in case of error, just for a flashy display. Very dwarven.

Movie: Parabellum submachine watergun Larix

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Submitted by: Ilikelava - 2014-06-10

Now make it shoot lava

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