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Movie: Helping a friend mcnmac

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2009-04-14

Chuck is your expedition leader. Dwarves who are upset can go and talk to the leader of the fort (Mayor or EL) to feel better. It has been in the game for a quite a while.

Sorry, it doesn't have to do with them being friends. It is only because he is the one in charge.

Movie: The pumps aren't working Markavian

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-04-13

Pumps draw water from the level below them. In your map it shows the space which the water would normally be taken from has a wall in it. So no water is taken up. Hence no water is used.

Movie: Hammerstrikes On Steel Slumber

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2007-11-20

The hammerer's hammer is only ordinary quality, the decoration are of exceptional quality.

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