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Movie: First Siege: A Slaughter by any Words Salmeuk

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-04-26

Delicious and clear.

Movie: Archimedes Spiral Water Flow vjek

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-04-25

It's mesmerizing.

Movie: Grand Goblin Melter Demo vjek

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Submitted by: JEM - 2012-12-28

That was pretty awesome....loved it!

Movie: !!Very!! Preliminary Sneaking In Camp Toady One

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Submitted by: EvilJapYaY - 2012-07-26

You need more sneaking levels.(slow)

Movie: Large Goblin Melter Demo vjek

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Submitted by: vjek - 2012-06-01

Everything non-metal vaporizes in the magma, yes. The metal bits (shields, helms, weapons, etc) all fall down to the level below, which is full of floor grates. The dwarves can then pick up the metal loot without entering the magma hallway, and melt it all into bars to be used for whatever you wish. (statues, doors, crafts)

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Submitted by: julkkis666 - 2012-05-23

what happens to the loot? dose it burn in the magma?

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Submitted by: vjek - 2012-05-05

Indeed, Quietust, I have refined the design as you've described. A new movie will be coming soon!

Movie: Creature logic: addressable memory Nil Eyeglazed

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Submitted by: OvadeJadoJeri - 2011-11-06

Its a test message

Movie: Serpent vs Goblin Invaders Jeff

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Submitted by: Jeff - 2011-09-19

For whatever reason the game crashed during this and a few other clashes between this group of goblins and a random titan.

Movie: The First Siege of Earthpolished Nil Zirilrash

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Submitted by: hjkl308 - 2011-09-17

Can I have the region/fortress file for this map? I really like your fortress.

Movie: Mother of all flooding traps, FLOOD EVERYTHING! Jokuvaan

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Submitted by: Jokuvaan - 2011-02-14

Yeah it was good old bottomless pit, now i just gotta make even grander trap using current version.

Eventually i forgot to close few hatches and flooded half my fort with the siege, oops

Movie: Fill_er_up hjd_uk

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Submitted by: hjd_uk - 2010-05-31

I should have looked up movie editing, after the 50s mark you can see me check the stocks and have a mild panic that the Dwarfs don't have enough booze. :)

Movie: Automatic Obsidian Factory Quietust

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Submitted by: Jagdpanther - 2010-02-10

Very nice, your own design?

I'm very interested in building a factory based on this layout but I am having trouble figuring out the mechanics behind it.

I didn't play much of Dwarf Fortress in the original ACSII tileset so that may be it.

Is there a way I can contact you to ask you about building the factory?

Movie: Take that, you damn dirty orcs. Zruku

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Submitted by: jetsquirrel - 2009-11-08

lol it was funny when he launched them away

Movie: More SoF Ambush Madness Syzgyn

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Submitted by: Ajar - 2009-10-23


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