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Movie: Uber Mist Generator AncientEnemy

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Submitted by: AncientEnemy - 2009-09-03

Dave: there are two simple ways to do this:

the way I did it at first: build a wall around one tile in the system (on the lower level), sealing it off and then filling it as a pond, then turning the system on.

the easier way I found later:
just turn it on, then designate one of the tile as a pond. the first 1/7 of water dumped in will just sit on the floor. when the second bucketful is dumped in, the pump will immediately pick it up and begin sending it around the system. any additional buckets will sit on the floor until the block of water moving through the system passes that tile, at which point they will be picked up and added to the block. any more than one 7/7 block of water in the system will cause it to randomly overflow out however

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