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Movie: Firewall Kate

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy - 2009-09-16


Holy crap. I'm in love.

Movie: Deadly Puppies n Kittens Ignem

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy - 2009-07-25

Dogs and cats deal Gore damage, which is the same damage type used by whips and scourges. I don't think it does much damage against stuff that doesn't bleed, but from my testing, it's utterly hardcore against anything that does, especially if it's unarmored.

Movie: Epic Chosen Warrior Nerserus

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy! - 2009-05-08

Jesus christ that's a lot of legendary dwarf.

Movie: Revenge of the Peasants Markavian`

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy - 2009-02-22

Eh. This is a pretty standard method of fortress defense when seven dwarves is all you've got, since seven untrained wrestlers can still maul a lot of basic enemies to death. I never made a movie out of it (maybe should have?) but my normal response to any sort of attack before I had enough dwarves to enact a regular military of useful size was to send thirty dwarves headed for the armory-a fortress full of untrained marksdwarves can still mess people up real good.

Movie: Self-Powered Pump System, and it is modular. Foa

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Submitted by: Kefkakrazy - 2009-02-22

This particular exploit has always fallen on the "bad" side of DF's long list of oddities, for me. True, I love it when a bug did something awesome, but things like this... I dunno.

Movie: Ohmygodthatwasclose. Alex Bakke

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Submitted by: Kef - 2009-01-21

Suggestion. If you're doing that sort of thing, try using a bigger reservoir. DF tracks pressure from multi-level bodies of water, so if you feed that room from a tank three or four levels deep above the floodgate, the water will literally fill that room in seconds. Of course, if you design one for gobbos, watching them scurry around as the room slooooowly fills... Hee.

Movie: [TRAPAVOID] Orc Siege ToonyMan

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Submitted by: Big Kef - 2009-01-19

I still think Trapavoid creatures can be hit by traps if they get knocked unconscious. Still, a lot harder than just letting them run the gamut of cage traps. I tend not to stack defenses on the outside so heavily-like to give the gobbos a chance, know what I mean? Of course, there's going to be an INNER sanctum so heavily fortified that nothing short of divine intervention will crack it.

Movie: Demons Attacking Sappho

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy - 2008-09-20

The dwarfmanity! THE DWARFMANITY!

Movie: Axechampion versus Titan. Orkel

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy - 2008-07-19

The Titan's brain has been broken.

Movie: Booze explosion GauHelldragon

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Submitted by: Kef - 2008-05-05

*suckle suckle*

(For anyone who didn't get that, go read VGcats.)

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