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Movie: Crossbows got nerfed too much Deon

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Submitted by: Deon - 2010-04-01

Materials need a revision, like a chance to hit an eye socket/ armor connection. Right now steel bolts cannot damage an adamantine-clad guy in ANY way.

Movie: Dragon vs Goblins juice

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Submitted by: Deon - 2008-10-23

Omigod, dragons should be really buffed. A few gobbos quickly turn this poor lizard to unconscious state...

Movie: A Battle Fox-Of-Doom

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Submitted by: Deon - 2008-07-27

Poor fellow has lost his eye =(.

He fought like a real dwarf.
The most hillarious moment was when you showed a goblin in the pond with a red brain.

Movie: My Pet Titan Midelne

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Submitted by: Deon - 2008-07-06

That's a pretty clever horse. It dragged the Titan in the cage trap. Something to think about insane clever AI.

Movie: Clumsy Titan Attacks! revealedgit

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Submitted by: Deon+ - 2008-06-14

Awesome =). I think it's all about dodging.

Movie: Conversation Bug Surma

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Submitted by: Deon - 2008-02-18

Wow, nice bug...

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