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Map: Firethrone - 205 erdtirdmans

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Submitted by: erdtirdmans - 2009-11-27

The slow crawl of magma flow and a tantrum spiral have severely delayed things, but i'll be sure to post an updated map when it's ready.

(over 200 coffins at the moment... i officially have more dead dwarves than live ones!)

Map: Axescrape - 92 WilliamC

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Submitted by: erdtirdmans - 2009-11-09

I don't understand the logic in this fort, and that's why I like it so much. It's just raw and... almost artistic!

As for the stockpiles: Importbuild bins and barrels like crazy and get a woodcutter working those trees up north (if the magma doesn't get to them first). If you're low on wood, the caravans will bring it for you, so no biggie if there's a forest fire.

If you want to consolidate the workshop-stockpile issue a bit, you could take a look at some of the positioning of stockpiles and shops in my fort. It's highly optimized, but might not work with your design very well.

Keep posting updates!

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