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Map: Inkgears - 203 brainfire

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-11-12

preview does work, infact you can check each individual image before compressing them, it breaks when exporting from df, not when being compressed

Map: Fountaintomb - 325 Alex Encandar

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-11-10

if you calculated the exact amount of water for that sized tree farm, you may find it wont work, as water will evaporate before it covers the entire farm, however if you just make it add 21 or so extra water, it should cover it nicely.

Map: Relicrags - 308 sneakeypete

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-10-11

lovely fort, and when the river drains into the entrance it'll be magnificient. Though you'd better drain it properly otherwise it'll back up and flood your entrance/fort.

I like the 2 z level room with small magma moat. I assume thats were smaug would reside. Possibly consider capturing and taming a dragon, then assigning it to a cage/chain there.

Either way Nice work!

Map: Danglevessel - 315 MG

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-09-14

you use the same housing method as me :)

Map: Tongsmobs - 123 cepheid

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-08-29

pretty interesting, I've not really bothered with above fort constructions. the one problem with this is under a seige, one were you have to press "all dwarves inside" they actually go underground. Not just inside. So your economy will suffer.

Map: Geniusfortress - 108 Bask

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-08-05

amazing fortress, the technical aspect of the creation is genius ;)

Map: Swordshot - 208 Bill

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Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-08-04

very nice, interesting entrance you have, looks like it could turn out to be a good fort.
is that a dead kobold out side?

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