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Map: Razorlength - 1041 Jong89

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Submitted by: Blargh - 2010-05-08

This is insane, in a good way.

Map: Metaldrills - 8 Blargityblarg

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Submitted by: Blargityblarg - 2009-08-04

It's fairly micro-forty, yes.

No, I'm not going to rewall- I'm one of those players who's perfectly happy with soil walls.

Yes, it's freshwater.

I actually abandoned this fort just now, because I realised the pattern was too big to be contained in a single area tile, so from now on, I'm cutting the size down a bit so that I don't get chunks of Kaolinite or bloody Orthoclase appearing in my nice unicolour rooms.

Map: Abbeytunneled - 1072 Charrat

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Submitted by: blarg - 2008-12-18

this looks like a cool fortress.

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