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Map: Shootsword - 146 VP

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Submitted by: VP - 2014-11-04

grisha5, I already do. I can't submit exact URL due to the spam filter, but the tags df, shootsword and drilledtraded in will direct you right to the text chronicle.

It's in Russian, but you could use Google translator, it makes dwarfing even more crazier. For example:
Nurse Toulon Zesshem died from his injuries. Her year-old daughter miraculously escaped Rimtar Shigosdegel - most unfortunate dwarf in the fortress. Its no one be on hand, she is forced to move independently. Now she crawled in easting and drinking wine from a 15-liter drum. She is muscular and strong. She is naked and covered in blood from head to toe, even stained mouth from the inside. After drinking, the girl had a bath and got dressed, now on her designer silk dress for 492 dvarfobaksa, designer woolen socks and even some clothes. On one leg slippers, she goes after the other to the warehouse. It gradually releases. Archer11 is soothing conversation with Baroness, her (Archer11) also let go, she was not very unhappy, but fine.

Map: Shootsword - 145 VP

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Submitted by: VP - 2014-10-23

8 right now

Map: Shootsword - 143 VP

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Submitted by: VP - 2014-10-11

grisha5, I've got problems reading native ASCII graphics, it may be some sort of dyslexia. I understood almost nothing in your fort, sorry.

Map: Shootsword - 137 VP

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Submitted by: VP - 2014-09-07

Currently I'm making a semi-spherical dome just for learning purpose. Also I'm trying to understand how to create obsidian walls between adamantine and magma, building magma pump-stack, and walling perimeter of upper caves.

I created this fortress as an illustraton to a guide for beginners I've written recently. If you can read Russian, you might be interested:

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