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Map: Moisthalls - 256 Urist Da Vinci

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2013-05-26

ajr_; according to his "The depths" location, he filled a minecart with magma from the sea and carted it up there.

Map: Boatmurdered - 1063 timmeh

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2011-05-25

I've added a POI for those of us wandering in from Jason Pullara's Wyrmwick D&D campaign.

Map: Helmscrest - 318 FadingEternity

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2011-04-08

Love the opulently excessive square of that fortress.

Also impressive is how empty your jails are. What's the population? I can't get above 130 without having at least one or two jailed for unfulfilled work orders, and another one or two jailed for fistfights.

Map: Steelbeach - 508 Vattic

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2011-03-10

Operation "screw the world" is GO!

Map: Lashedyouth-spr-102 - 102 NullAshton

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2010-11-30

Remember that the waterfall at the end of your aqueduct might go to any of the three tiles in front of the opening, not just the one directly ahead. Box it off to make sure it falls only straight down. And of course, don't forget to overengineer your drainage; one flood can ruin your whole day.

Map: No Idea~ - 1057 Munaxes

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2010-04-25

Grates will be smashed by building destroyers, too; a fortification (b,C,F) is the only construction that lets water through and can't be harmed by destructive beasts.

Map: Talltower the Tall Tower of Ice - 303 Demonic Spoon

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2010-03-02

Is there any water source on this map? If no, you're definitely going to be needing that graveyard eventually.

Map: Undergrotto - 92 Retro

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2010-02-12

Sure puts my vertical carving project, a fully smoothed and engraved castle carved of natural stone, to shame. I shall obviously have to try harder. :)

Map: Arrowglows - 227 Lemunde

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2010-02-09

What's the primary stone layer your fortress is in? Mudstone? I've never seen so many brown layers in a row.

Map: FlareChannel - 435 QuantumSawdust

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-09-15

I couldn't make a fortress like this even if my dwarves had speed=1 and didn't need to sleep. If I didn't have to sleep, maybe it'd be different.

You are a god(des?) amongst insects.

Map: Angelstorm - 213 WorMzy

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-09-11

Re: your "ineffective" spikes; to make them extremely potent, hook them up to an automatic alternator like

When the switch throws, the spikes retract. When it throws again, they extend, doing damage to anything on them. With a good, fast repeater, this will ventilate most anything in very short order.

Map: Murderletter - 181 Blah28722

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-09-02

Why so much horizontal construction, and so little use of vertical in the main fortress?

Map: Ancientace - 203 Axil

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-08-28

I hope the lever right in front of the trade depot isn't the one for the bridge in the entry gauntlet; dwarves will run away from enemies even when going for a lever. I always construct my control rooms deep in the fortress, well away from entrances but close to meeting halls, so that there's little chance of enemies to interrupt, and high chance of an idle dwarf to take the job.

Map: Woundsilver - 201 esnredshirt

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-08-16

It's actually relatively dangerous to position the pump there, at the same level as the workshops that use that magma; while magma doesn't self-pressurize, screw pumps will pressurize any fluid, so it is possible to accidentally flood your forges with your pump in that configuration.
I'd suggest forbidding the entire forge room whenever you're going to add magma to the system, just to make sure no-one will wander in just as the magma boils up out of the forge pits and floods the chamber. If you do flood it, just dig around the chamber to get your operator out, and re-build your forges above this chamber.

Map: Omenwheels - 51 Untelligent

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-08-09

Near-vertical cliffs aren't hard; just look for 30+ slopes. The hard part is finding one so perfectly north/south.

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