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Map: Citypuzzles - 202 Jebraltix

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2009-01-12

You can probably import Star Rubies. I do on my fort. I have about 30 of them stockpiled. Don't know what to do with them or the other 800 imported cut gems I have stockpiled.

Map: Kintrumpet - 202 Jebraltix

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2009-01-08

Water that moves through a pump becomes fresh water, however any water that touches a natural surface(Natural Floors or walls) will become salt water again.
If you want to bring water up several stories the best way would be with a pump tower.

As seen here:

Map: Blockaderhyming - 203 Phlamethrower

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-10-09

You can use wooden corkscrews to pump magma. Even with temperature on. They don't ignite. It is a known bug but then you don't need iron.

If you don't believe me ask in the forums or try it out yourself on a smaller scale.

Map: SeaBreaker The Town of Fortune - 1059 Analfish

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-08-02

Use Tweak or Dwarf Companion to put something under the towers and where the docks will be. Just so they aren't hanging there.

Map: Skinnedchambers - 1052 Deozaan

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-04-21

I read your previous attemps and I think you made two crucial mistakes.
Dwarves don't care about the size of a room but they do care about its value. More valuable rooms make them happier. So a small room that is smoothed will make them happier then a large unsmoothed room. To meet the nobles demands make a small room and either smooth it or if you want to add lots of points, engrave it.

Secondly, don't make a stone stockpile unless you have a specific reason for wanting stone in that spot. Having loose stone lying all over the place doesn't effect anything except for making a few types of stockpiles. If you don;t like looking at the stone then build a masons or craftdwarfs workshop and tell them to keep making rock items. Catapults work well too.

For more information try the wiki

Map: Tourtomes - 1061 Demosthenes

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-01-20

Now we need to figure out what he is planning on doing with the "secret project".

My guess is he is planning on pouring water over a corner of the magma, channeling down and repeating until he is past the aquifer. He is planning on having some metalworking so he's going to need metal. And by only doing a corner of it it won't shut down the glass furnaces.

Map: Tourtomes - 1056 Demosthenes

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-01-07

The reason the wagons can't access the trade depot is the fact that there is no 3 space wide area for them to travel into the depot. The depot access screen has the access spread from the depot. If a wagon cant get out of the depot then you will see no access everywhere.
Try removing the doors then wagons will be able to access the depot. Or just remove a few walls.

Map: Everpaged - 1057 Hyfrydle

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2007-12-17

You need ti have at least 1 table per chair or else your dwarves will complain about a lack of tables.

Map: Whisperspear - 1063 haowan

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2007-10-28

Bridges outside can't be made to raise or retract. Once built they just sit there. Only indoor bridges can be made to be whompers

Map: Bibanlikot (Ballinks) - 1053 Paladin

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2007-10-17

What are all of those ballista beside the chasm for? Demons? They come on the other side of the magma not the chasm. And only one of the demons flies. The other two will get struck on the other side of the chasm.

Map: Letterirons - 1086 Maisoul

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2007-10-11

The bridges in those cases destroyed by burn damage and weren't targeted by the demons but were merely in the line of fire. Literally.

What creatures other then demons and magma creatures use burn type attacks? Dragons? Do hydras?

But siegers don't. They can't destroy raised bridges. And those creatures that do will never target the bridge directly. It takes a miss or cone/line burn attack to destroy a raised drawbridge.

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Submitted by: THLawrence - 2007-10-10

A raised drawbridge will act as a wall and is impossible for invaders to destroy. So a raised 1*3 drawbridge will act like a 3 long wall

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