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Map: Sensedmirror - 147 osldgoth

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Submitted by: osldgoth - 2014-08-02

z-level numbers ingame are different than shown here. the waterfall starts at 116 down to 114 (dining hall floor), 113 (water exit)

Map: Rocktongs - 168 kastrol_aslaasri

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Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2012-02-10


The red soil is silty clay, like Markavian says.
The fortress is located on an island, on the east coast and I think the climate was moderate/hot.

Yeah, there's a lot of blood and corpses, including humans.... in on year, a Human administrator came, but ded of old age.... so, the human civilization think it was my fault and attacked me. A year later another administrator came and offer me peace =D

And about the tileset, yes is different, I found it on the Wiki. I learn how to play with graphic sets, but later I change to ASCII, because I like it more, I think is more simple once you learn the symbols.

Map: Unollibash - 252 Thar

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Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2012-02-09

Este sitio es fenomenal!
Yo tengo algunas fortalezas agregadas a favoritos, pare revisar, y sacar ideas.

Yo uso unos sets que son iguales al "default", pero cuadrados, para mejor simetría; y una configuración de colores distinta, no me gusta el marrón que viene por defecto =P
Uso 2 distintos que a veces voy variando, uno tiene paredes diagonales como vos decís, y el otro no.
En mis ultimas 2 fortalezas que subí (Cityswords y Rocktongs) se puede ver el tileset y colores que uso actualmente.

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Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2012-02-09

Muy buena!
No se si esta en tus planes ya, pero yo iría moviendo las stockpiles con los mecanismos y los muebles para adentro, para mayor seguridad.

Map: Cityswords - 151 kastrol_aslaasri

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Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2011-10-11

I only made a little test on the Arena, but later, everyone in this fortress died..... =(

@magic dwarf
I only had one glass window in the entire fortress, had no time to make more, because this fortress has fallen to the "Horrors from Below" xD

Map: Cityswords - 148 kastrol_aslaasri

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Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2011-08-11


Thanks! Actually I have like 220 dwarves (I'm in the year 151, this map is from year 148)

Map: Oilyraptor - 131 kastrol_aslaasri

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Submitted by: kastrol_aslaasri - 2011-05-05


It was a combination of everything. This was one of my first fortress, have no idea of how military works.
First, with almost 90 dwarves, a goblin siege come. They killed everyone but 6 guys. I was going to quit, when a group of inmigrants came. They took 2-3 years to fix everything and build the cemetary.
My fortress was with good population again, I think 100 dwarves.... when the second siege came... this time double the goblins, mounted in giant rats and Trolls.
Blood and tantrums everywhere.
So, I decided to open the caves where 3 forgotten beast was wandering. So, in the last shot of my fortress you can see in the bedroom area, the 3 beast. My mayor was alive in one of the rooms, but unconcious. He died of thirst later.
I came back to Oilyraptor with an adventurer, and killed 2 of the forgotten beast, and the goblin leader (who was fighting the beast with a bunch of other goblins)
It was epic an FUN xD

Map: Deepdawn - 253 Frogwarrior

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Submitted by: Dwarf cancels sleep: Interupted by *insert flying creature here* - 2010-11-30

This is pretty good. You might want to roof the buildings (or extend them up to the top of the cavern) so that flying creatures don't kill you dwarves in their sleep.

Map: Roaddips - 403 LordSlowpoke

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Submitted by: LordSlowpoke - 2010-07-18

I'd also like to notice that at the "Main Entrance" POI, 403 Mid Winter is the approximate end date.

Map: Worksink - 35 Jess

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Submitted by: LordSlowpoke - 2010-06-20

Your design is alien and foreign.

Seriously, is that a stone stockpile I see at level 177?

Map: Graveldrinker - 1052 Slitherrr

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Submitted by: Slitherrr - 2010-06-13

It was finished in Early- to Late Summer of the first year. Since the marble was right there, it was a pretty simple matter to have guys crank out blocks as fast as Dwarvenly possible.

Map: SparkgearXI - 1054 Jimmy

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Submitted by: LordSlowpoke - 2010-05-03

You'll rage so hard after you see what I did to you. :3

Map: Complete - 114 MortuusLupus

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Submitted by: MortuusLupus - 2010-02-05

The left side passage on level 4 doesn't have the wall built yet that keeps the magma in the pit.

Map: Bellstyphoons - 143 LucusLoC

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Submitted by: LucusLoC - 2009-07-23

thought i would link to the relevant thread :

[Message edited on 2009/07/25 at 02:38 by LucusLoC]

Map: Healedabbey - 224 Duke

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Submitted by: Obviously A believer - 2009-03-16

disregard that, I found it; It's "Dorten's"

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