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Map: Mothgear - 1055 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2013-03-09

The road is conglomerate. Metal only comes in at a trickle via trade or whatever the goblins drop, so a full conversion from stone blocks to copper would take a while. Not that I'm against it, just that it may be outside my ability to pull off in the near future.

If I need to expand my farming, my current system is pretty extensible. I pretty much only use the plants for brewing as I end up buying a lot of meat from whatever caravan is passing through. At last count I had over 1000 prepared meals and like 800+ drinks. It should last a fair while. Plus, I capped immigration to under 100 (somewhere around 60 or 70, iirc), but I'm sporting upwards of 10-20 children these days. It'll take a while for any sort of strain to be put on my fortress' ability to feed itself.

Map: Pagewine - 203 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2012-11-19

The access point will probably get modified as the fort grows. I tend to be pretty organic with how I build my fortresses. It was just convienent at the time to put the stairs there.

Right now I'm toying with the idea of running a hallway between the east gate and what will eventually become the west gate. It would be parallel to the road and the entire stretch would be open as a shooting gallery. This would give my archers plenty of time to rain down death on any would-be invaders. We'll see how it works out.

Map: Coalcircle - 455 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2011-01-19

Eventually. It's a slog, given how many dwarves I have running around (185 at last count).

Map: Coalcircle - 453 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2011-01-14

The map is 4x5. I like having the extra bit of width as it gives me some breathing space when scrolling around (I hate running up to the edges).

Map: Dance of Spears - 449 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-12-16

I'm used to the old rogue-likes, so I have a hard time switching over to using a tileset.

As for the farms...I had some miscellaneous microline blocks, and thought it might look interesting. The effect ends up looking like there's a ditch full of water sitting around each farm. I rather like how it looks and I think I'll probably do that sort of thing in future fortresses.

And alas, this map has no magma! In fact, I don't think it has much of anything other than the road running through it. Hehe...

Map: Clockworks - 172 Coaldiamond

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-12

I love these sorts of organically grown fortresses!

Map: Shotrake - 219 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-05

I figure for rooms that aren't visited much, efficiency isn't such a big issue, so I usually opt for aesthetics (or at least aesthetic to me). I usually build my forts with an eye towards what I'd find interesting to explore in adventurer mode (even if I rarely bother going back to explore these places).

Map: Shotrake - 217 RedWick

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-03

In game? Not too long. I'm only just finishing up year 4 of this fortress. Real world time, I think I've spent probably the last week picking at this place.

Usually I just pick a project I want finished then set my dwarves to working. Most of my workforce has masonry and stone detailing enabled, so when I start a project my usual pool of layabouts jumps into action.

Mind you, almost none of the constructed walls are blocks. Just rough stone. If I waited around for all that stone to be carved into blocks, I'd be looking at probably 10 years or more to reach this point.

Maybe later, I'll get around to replacing everything floor by floor. For now, I'm happy just letting the place grow however it needs to.

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Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-02

Bauxite, magnetite AND flux (my whole fortress is basically made out of chalk). No magma though, so the bauxite is a wash. I've set my smelters on repeat to build pig iron and steel, so I'm currently sitting on around 50 or so bars of steel. Haven't needed to make anything with it since I've been importing all of my armor.

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