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Map: Lashedsubtle - 207 sphal

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Submitted by: Kanddak - 2010-02-06

I love the child collector. I was thinking of building something like that in the next version and putting it about four levels above my hospital to train doctors.

Map: Goatsea - 103 Kanddak

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Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-04-01

Yeah, I'm playing it as a succession with my brother and a friend.
The first time we tried to embark, the wagon started right next to the chasm amidst a swarm of batmen. All dwarves were drafted to fight them; three tackled batmen and pulled them down into the chasm, and the others went insane shortly afterwards.
That was also one region tile to the east, where it caught the corner of a giant cave which made this a 6x9 site. This was vetoed for reasons of potential FPS problems, despite the awesomeness of the cave.

Map: Numberabbey - 67 Kanddak

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Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-02-11

Dakira: You might do that by having the output gears power pumps. You may be interested in my design for a 7-segment display or the associated forum discussion.

Sukasa: The output gear assemblies do connect to each other when they're engaged, but they are disengaged until the correct pressure plates are submerged.

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Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-02-06

Yes KaelemGaen, the demonstration movie is here:

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