My chocolate caek recipe

This is chocolate Caek mk i, there is also a Caek mk ii, a Caek mk iii, a Cake mk iv, and a Cake mk v (the Evil Kiwi Cake of Doom).

Then there are the victoria sponges, starting with Cake mk vi, Cake mk vii, Cake mk viii, Cake mk ix (The fluffy one)..., and Cake mkv x.

Fruity fruit cakes: starting with Cake mk xi and continuing with Cake mk xii (Manifold cake), Cake mk xiii (Party cake) (2008-10-04), Cake mkv xiv (Leaving cake), finishing with Caek mk xv (Fruity chocolate vodka cake) (2008-11-16).

The fourth batch: Caek mk xvi (Chocolate slurry cake with flakes) (2009-02-14), There are no photos of caek mk xvii Cherry and Cranberry Fruit cake (2009-04-??), Caek mk xviii (Apple pie cake) (2009-05-09), Cake mk xix (Pre-birthday chocolate cake) (2009-05-17), Cake mk xx (Twin apple cake) (2009-05-19)...

The fifth batch: Caek mk xxi (Blueberry Cream Cake) (2009-08), Caek mk xxii (Strawberry Muffin Caek) (2009-09), Cake mk xxiii (Sultana and Biscuit Caek) (2009-09-09)..., followed by Cake mk xxiv (Bloody Stupid Biscuit and Sultana Cocoa Cake) (2009-09-23),Cake mkv xxv (Cheesecake!) (2010-08).

The sixth batch: Caek mk xxvi (My mum told me to make Victoria Sponge) (2009-08-19)...

In other news: p3lb0x has also been cooking his own cakes, and he gave me a recipe for apple cake that I tried sometime.

Its my birthday soon (2009-05-21); expect more cakes.


Caek ingredients Greased pan

Caek time

  1. Pre-heat oven 180oC
  2. Grease baking pan
  3. Beat eggs x 3
  4. Mix 1: Flour x 18 heaped teaspoons + Cocoa powder x 8 rounded teaspoons
  5. Mix 2: Flora light < 200g + Granulated sugar 25 x heaped teaspoons
  6. Stir in eggs to Mix 1
  7. Gradually add Mix 2 to Mix 1, stirring flour in thoroughly
  8. Add a dash of hot water to help disolve Mix 1 into Mix 2
  9. Pour mix into baking pan

Bake caek for 25 mins.

Baked caek

Glazed over

  1. Mix 3: Flora light (remainder of 200g) + Icing sugar x 18 heaped teaspoons + Cocoa powder x 5 heaped teaspoons
  2. Microwave for 20 secs to melt, mix again
  3. Pour glaze over caek
  4. Put caek in fridge for time until glaze sets
Microwaved glaze mixture Glazed caek

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