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Mok'Akah Expanse

Created by Hraedrano R.G. Azelendor
Download: se4mokakah.zip
Size: 297 kb
USy Rating: 4
Version: 1.1

My review:

The shiney Mok'Akah look great and very stylish, so long as you subscribe to the minamlist globe design of ships.

I love the core temperature feel of the fleet, its a got a warmth that shows through. All the ships slot into the shipset great, its got a good unified feel.

I really like the lava based texture designed with moray's texture editor I presume.

Production Notes:

The Mok'Akah Expanse uses the Aquilae AI which was optimized to play without starting
tech, and to play with all the tech available from the start, without use of medium or
high bonus. The AI with high Research Skills and knowledge in the Temporal

- To General Vaughn for his contributions to Space Empires * Building the original
Space Empires community.
- To Lord Kodos for his suggestions.
- To John Beech for giving me the idea to update my race styles one last time.
- To Matt Grafstrom for his original Mok race.
- To Master Belasarius, who wrote the AI's use din this race
- To Kevin Arisa who made the original explosions which I modified for this race style.

Escort Frigate Destroyer Light Cruiser
Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Light Carrier Carrier Heavy Carrier Colony Ship
Satellite Space Station Battle Station Starbase
Small Transport Medium Transport Large Transport Mine
Small Fighter Medium Fighter Large Fighter Fighter Group
Small Troop Medium Troop Large Troop Drone
Small Weap-plat. Medium Weap-plat. Large Weap-plat. Fleet
Satellite Group Mine Group Race Portrait Race Emblem


Very hot website, very sinister looking.

Posted by: sso9ui, 2006-01-10

It's like the race from hades, come to claim the universe as part of their domain of DOOM! Watch out! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Kidding.

Posted by: Zhishreggavax, 2006-04-18

The ships look like they are trying to trick the enemy, as if they're already exploding and its too late. Interesting effect, I prefer it to some of the others.

Posted by: Egos IV, 2006-05-18

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