Boulderpines - 356 Early Winter by Savolainen5

Map Description:

My latest construction fort, in part inspired by Towersoared. Submitted to Reddit's r/dwarffortress, taking suggestions.

Point of Interest: The dead side of the river

18 migrants spent 8 months stranded on this side of the river. Three went berserk, four became melancholy, two died of starvation, two were killed by berserk dwarves, two dodged into the river and drowed when 'attacked' by a rabbit. ( ಠ_ಠ ) The last 5 made it to the fort, but 3 of them died shortly thereafter, and one of the drafted ones went melancholy. Fun times! - Savolainen5

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Submitted by: Guzz - 2011-10-18 to 356 Early Winter

Holy carp that is sweet

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