Dikelocks, Ezum's Vengeance - 133 Early Spring by RatOfWisdom

Map Description:

Yes, it's a goddamn railgun. I am not an electrical engineer, nor do I aspire to be, but this kind of thing interests me greatly and come on railguns are awesome.

Therefore, if you're going to tell me I did it horribly horribly wrong and should be shot for my horrendous bastardization of science, that's cool, but do realize I wasn't trying to build a working railgun (electricity isn't even implemented) but rather something completely awesome and ridiculous in scale that resembles one as accurately as possible.

(This disclaimer inspired by the fine folks of the #bay12games IRC. :V)

Point of Interest: Crown jewel

Sitting defiantly atop the hollow, ziggurat-like command center (so built to allow shouted orders to echo nicely) is a masterwork platinum statue of Ézum Ducimkeshan Komanethmardes Rít, the first (and only) champion to fall in a siege.

...Well, no, this is 40d and statues aren't of anything in particular. But it's nicely dramatic.

Other statues adorn the tops of the firing chamber and munitions bays, but no other statue holds the artifact spears Limtenshed (platinum) and Rithlutthetust Kiron Stettad (rose gold), in parallel with the massive steel rails that will facilitate the piercing and subsequent utter destruction of the goblin tower directly to the east, as Ézum's armor was pierced by goblin arrows.

...Well, no, it's just an upright spear trap. But it's still awesome. - RatOfWisdom

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-04 to 133 Early Spring

Uhh, I presume you used magnetite and other conductive materials in its construction?

Submitted by: RatOfWisdom - 2010-09-04 to 133 Early Spring

Indeed. I'll add POIs and stuff detailing what's what =)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-07 to 133 Early Spring

Epic - I think I'm beginning to understand now...

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