Dikelocks, Ezum's Vengeance - 133 Early Spring by RatOfWisdom

Map Description:

Yes, it's a goddamn railgun. I am not an electrical engineer, nor do I aspire to be, but this kind of thing interests me greatly and come on railguns are awesome.

Therefore, if you're going to tell me I did it horribly horribly wrong and should be shot for my horrendous bastardization of science, that's cool, but do realize I wasn't trying to build a working railgun (electricity isn't even implemented) but rather something completely awesome and ridiculous in scale that resembles one as accurately as possible.

(This disclaimer inspired by the fine folks of the #bay12games IRC. :V)

Point of Interest: Command center, lower deck (and munitions bays)

Each Slug Loader has a color-coded munitions bay assigned to them, the levers to open which are accessible by flipping either of the levers behind the northernmost station, where sits the Munitions Commander. (This is the most practical version I could wrangle of the double-key nuke launch thing.) The lever in front of that station controls the gate to the firing chamber, where the loader walks between the masterwork platinum statues (yay, traffic zones) and dumps a single steel block slug on the artifact hatch. (The MC gets a table, too, for recording supply levels.)

The Ballistics Commander sits at the southernmost station, with no important levers but lots of tables for calculating power loads and trajectories and what have you. He commands the three Electrical Engineers that work in the power room behind him, who can vary the power plant's output by engaging all the generators at once (the light blue lever), in groups of three (bright blue) or individually (dark blue).

Finally, once the munitions bays and firing chamber have been re-sealed, the gun is powered up and the rails are in position, the Railgun Commander in the center releases the final lever from his artifact throne, dropping the slug between the very back of the rails. - RatOfWisdom

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-04 to 133 Early Spring

Uhh, I presume you used magnetite and other conductive materials in its construction?

Submitted by: RatOfWisdom - 2010-09-04 to 133 Early Spring

Indeed. I'll add POIs and stuff detailing what's what =)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-07 to 133 Early Spring

Epic - I think I'm beginning to understand now...

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