Dikelocks, Ezum's Vengeance - 133 Early Spring by RatOfWisdom

Map Description:

Yes, it's a goddamn railgun. I am not an electrical engineer, nor do I aspire to be, but this kind of thing interests me greatly and come on railguns are awesome.

Therefore, if you're going to tell me I did it horribly horribly wrong and should be shot for my horrendous bastardization of science, that's cool, but do realize I wasn't trying to build a working railgun (electricity isn't even implemented) but rather something completely awesome and ridiculous in scale that resembles one as accurately as possible.

(This disclaimer inspired by the fine folks of the #bay12games IRC. :V)

Point of Interest: Marx generator, center

This is the bit that gave me the biggest technical headache. I may have taken quite a few liberties with real Marx generators (I am not an electrical engineer and know barely more about building this sort of thing than high-school science students), but then again this is the game that allows perpetual-motion waterwheels. I'd like to think dorfs are just that good.

Resistors are charcoal (I was going to use nickel silver, which has a greater impedance than copper, but someone in the IRC channel advised me otherwise) and capacitors are 3x3x3 blocks again, two layers of silver (indistinguishable from the dolomite blocks comprising the casings) separated by mica blocks.

(I understand that silver-mica capacitors do not have a particularly high energy density, nor a nicely dwarfy potential for catastrophic failure like some kinds Wikipedia describes, but in the end the most accurately replicable kind won out. Maybe the dwarfs don't know there are capacitors better suited to pulsed power applications.) - RatOfWisdom

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-04 to 133 Early Spring

Uhh, I presume you used magnetite and other conductive materials in its construction?

Submitted by: RatOfWisdom - 2010-09-04 to 133 Early Spring

Indeed. I'll add POIs and stuff detailing what's what =)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-07 to 133 Early Spring

Epic - I think I'm beginning to understand now...

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