Creamfields - 1056 Late Summer by Ambivalence

Map Description:

Following the untimely abandonment of Swordblowing due to framerate and bug problems, this fortress is an evolved design. Corridor width has been minimised, stockpile sizes greatly reduced, workshops packed into a small space, and the layout should hopefully be much better for pathfinding. I've also shifted the design so that instead of a single central stairwell with one set of defences, there is an "up" stairwell above the fortress and a "down" into the caves below it, both heavily trapped.

Here one whole level has been extensively mined, and the next level's mining has opened out onto the first tier of caves. Framerate is holding steady at 100fps, which is very encouraging.

Point of Interest: Fortress Overview

This is it, the whole works. Living space for forty dwarfs, workshops for most dwarven needs, a dining room, statue garden and well-stocked zoo, and a grid of traps. The weapon traps are all stuffed with giant iron axe blades, so anything wanting to get in had better bring plenty of spare limbs.

I'm hoping to refine this design considerably by moving it to a 3d layout. I'm sorta picturing a cubic or spherical fortress occupying a minimal footprint. - Ambivalence

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Submitted by: Caranha - 2010-04-25 to 1066 Early Spring


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