First Siege of Frostywheel by mattmoss

Movie Description:

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the start of this battle. This was a goblin siege, and I saw a force coming from the south. I moved my troops out to the surface in anticipation and prepared to fight back.

What I didn't realize was that the force from the south (about 10 gobs) was only _half_ the invading siege. Another force came in from the west and arrived almost simultaneously.

I initially expected to get slaughtered pretty badly, and you can see a few dwarves dead on the battlefield; others returned to the barracks to heal from wounds.

Fortunately, the remaining dwarves (and the royal guard running out to the rescue) were able to put the fear of death into the rest of the gobs who turned tail and ran.

One thing you also don't get to see (movie cut off too soon) is that two more gobs were killed, just before making it off the edge of the map. Hooray for the military!

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Submitted by: Basilisk - 2008-08-14

Nice, the goblins ran away into that brown forest!

Submitted by: Darn Penguin - 2008-09-27

"Charge, my orcish brethren! Proud race of goblins spread blood, never surrender!"

"But sir, shouldn't we be running toward stumpy beard men?"

"Me never say goblins no retreat. Important thing is we not surrendering!"


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