Gatelulls - 513 Early Winter by Foxbyte

Map Description:

This is Gatelulls, the first fortress I ever managed to play to death without boredom or lag taking its toll. A siege four seasons ago of 30-odd goblins took its population from 110 of healthy mind and body, to 90. Then the goblins returned two seasons later, their numbers doubled and sporting a small group of Trollish immigrants; gem setters, armorers, woodcutters, my dwarves bravely hacked them to pieces... But during the fight, the emergency flooding lever was pulled!

Now, a mere 50 of us remain trapped underground; a massive army of 90 goblins, trolls, and a squad of cavalry-goblins led by one riding a giant llama-titan has mopped up the two brave souls left outside to make sure the flooding of the main shaft has gone according to plan.

Gatelulls; Gone, but never forgotten. At least by me.

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Point of Interest: Rear Entrance / First Battle Scene

This was the emergency exit I cut after the valley was made inaccessible from the rest of the map. It was also where the first goblin siege [My first in 1.3 years of playing Dwarf Fortress somehow!] attacked.

My militia, numbering 18 and the five Fortress guard met the 30-strong force on the field of honour, cutting them down like dogs! Only two dwarves [not counting the migrants] were lost at first, but disease took another five before it was over.

It also doubled as my wood and sand gathering zone, before I moved everything underground.

Off to the west you'll see a portion of the current occupiers of the surface; the Third Siegers, led by a titan. - Foxbyte

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Submitted by: Caranha - 2010-05-09 to 513 Early Winter

A Titan led siege, that is rather cool :-) What were the couple of walls with a ramp you were building in the right side of the valley, near the river?

Submitted by: Foxbyte - 2010-09-06 to 513 Early Winter


A failed attempt at walling off the valley, so that my dwarves could work in harmony... The wall above the brook was made of bars, and I forgot that building destroyers could knock them down. D:

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