Clamlips - 22 Early Spring by galaban

Map Description:

This is Clamlips in the early spring of the year 22-- ten years after embarkation.

This is a historical map that just shows the progress of the fortress.

From the previous map, the only difference is the partial construction of the Grand Mural Project.

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Point of Interest: Grand Mural / Mosaic Project

( 19 Mid Winter → 22 Early Summer )

This is my Grand Mosaic Project.

I just picked a picture from the internet of some mountains, converted it into colors that would work with DF (and the stone available), and just kind of guessed and checked on the placement of each block.

The mural is made entirely from constructed floor, roads, floor grates, and one-tile bridges. Oh, and there's a few upright spikes thrown in.

The stone is cobaltite (dark blue), microcline (light blue/cyan), schist (brownish), green glass (green), mica (dark gray), felsite (light gray), and alunite (white).

The most time consuming aspect of this mural was making all the green glass floor grates and blocks for all the green. The most challenging was mapping a picture to the DF world and trying to choose what constructions/buildings to use. - galaban

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Submitted by: Eavan - 2009-06-15 to 22 Mid Autumn

Holy **** that is an incredible mural!!!

Submitted by: Quote - 2009-06-15 to 22 Mid Autumn

You could have done a swordmaster, with all that microcline.

Submitted by: Shad0wyone - 2009-06-15 to 22 Mid Autumn

I spy a towercap blocking the water for the obsidian factory
Also, amazing murals!

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