Clamlips - 20 Early Spring by galaban

Map Description:

This is the fortress Clamlips, eight years after embarkation.

This is a historical record with no new developments from the previous year except for the first mural project being partially complete.

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Point of Interest: First Mural / Mosaic Project

( 18 Mid Autumn → 20 Early Summer )

This is my first mural / mosaic. It's made from constructed floors and roads out of Cobaltite and Orthoclase. The brown floor is constructed Schist flooring.

The dwarf at the center is the icon used for a military dwarf, the coloring indicating a recruit (since that was the color palette available to me).

This is at the bottom of the arena, which is why the rooms above the mural are as they are. I also thought a military dwarf was a good choice for the bottom of the arena. - galaban

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Submitted by: Eavan - 2009-06-15 to 22 Mid Autumn

Holy **** that is an incredible mural!!!

Submitted by: Quote - 2009-06-15 to 22 Mid Autumn

You could have done a swordmaster, with all that microcline.

Submitted by: Shad0wyone - 2009-06-15 to 22 Mid Autumn

I spy a towercap blocking the water for the obsidian factory
Also, amazing murals!

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