Faithfulaxe - 1061 Early Spring by MastaODisasta

Map Description:

Work continues on Faithfulaxe. Notable improvements are the almost done plumbing system, which brings water up to the new farms. The tunnel entrance has been greatly improved, and now has a design and stone walls covering the entirety of the tunnel. The dining room has been expanded and doubled in size. Another dwarf has committed suicide by jumping into the water below, this time it was the mayor, disillusioned after finding no shells were available. It looks like another will follow, a child who also demands shells for his artifact.

Current Population: 88

Point of Interest: Entrance Tunnel

The entrance floor is now complete, with a design in bauxite, chalk and jet. - MastaODisasta

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Submitted by: tanon - 2008-05-10 to 1058 Early Spring

Hmmm... Maybe put some kind of dock down there?

Submitted by: MastaODisasta - 2008-05-11 to 1058 Early Spring

Yeah, it would be cool if merchants could have river merchants to trade with, but then you'd also have to worry about marauding goblin pirates. :o

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-05-13 to 1061 Early Spring

I've always been a fan of fortresses built on rivers like this.

Submitted by: BlackrayJack - 2008-05-14 to 1062 Early Spring

I have to say I love the way you built your fort in accordance with the river and geology, it really makes it stand out and look unique.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-05-16 to 1062 Early Spring

Did you not fancy stacking the "The Projects" vertically?

Submitted by: MastaODisasta - 2008-05-16 to 1062 Early Spring

That's probably what I should have done, and have had another dining room on a different level. Actually, I can probably hollow out some of the back housing blocks to turn into workshops. That's what I'll do.

Thanks BlackrayJack, I chose this area because it had a massive height difference while not being mountainous, and when I saw the big cavern in the center, I knew I had to use that somehow.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-06-01 to 1065 Early Spring

Sad to see, but you stuck it out until the end.

Submitted by: pharoah - 2008-09-17 to 1058 Early Spring

you should of noticed but just saying that theres is 1 river seperating into 2? you can tell be the waterfall.

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