Scalelashed - 111 Early Spring by ItchyBeard

Map Description:

Fortress for the 10 year Masterwork mod challenge started by Meph here:

This fortress was created using v1.4 of the Masterwork mod. The tileset is included with the mod and is called Phoebus.

This limestone castle weathered 10 years of ambushes and sieges by kobolds, orcs, goblins, zombies, humans, trolls, warlocks, and mummies.

Unfortunately, the dwarven civ associated with the fortress appears to be dead. No migrants or trade caravans for the last 8 years, and with only 40 dwarves remaining and an epic framerate of 40fps, I'm calling it quits on this one.

Point of Interest: Castle overview

Top down view of the 2nd story of the castle.

The rooms were mostly unused with only the northwest room being used for training. The outside corridors were used as archery galleries, and the center room was used for storing finished goods for rapid transport to the depot below. - ItchyBeard

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Submitted by: Meph - 2012-03-04 to 111 Early Spring

Respect. Well done. See the thread for my full feedback.

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