Rootportals - 276 Early Spring by Priz

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276 has been a decent year. More permanant forges have been set up, and the outer wall has expanded alot.

Point of Interest: Overview

- Priz

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Submitted by: ayrb - 2011-12-04 to 271 Mid Spring

Geat job so far. I hope to build something like this soon.

Submitted by: Priz - 2011-12-04 to 272 Early Spring

Thanks! This is my third fort thus far, so I feel pretty safe in saying that if I can do it, literally anyone can.

Submitted by: ayrb - 2011-12-10 to 276 Early Spring

Mhm. What kind of embark location did you look for?

Submitted by: Priz - 2011-12-10 to 276 Early Spring

I'm playing 40d, and don't use any of the handy tools for it beyond the wiki, so I mostly guess at where a good spot is, and the more biomes the better. I always try to have a few features - this embark was supposed to have an underground river, some magma, etc. etc., but I apparently didn't pay enough attention and ended up with a chasm and no metal deposits :s. At least I have lots of multi-colored stone. If I could do it again, I'd probably go for limestone at the risk of losing such a nice valley to work with and having no interesting features.

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